Program Outcomes

The Dakota Nursing Program had its first practical nursing students graduate in 2005 and associate degree RN students graduate in 2006. Since then, we have had a total of 1,164 individuals graduate from one or both of the programs. The Board of Nursing report as of 5/4/15 showed that we had 315 of our graduates licensed as LPNs and 501 as RNs. A total of 816 Dakota Nursing Program graduates, 70%, are currently licensed in North Dakota!

RN NCLEX Outcomes 2013-2016                                                       PN NCLEX Outcomes 2013-2016

RN Completion Rate Table 2012-2016                                              PN Completion Rate Table 2012-2016

RN Graduate Satisfaction 2011-2015                                                  PN Graduate Satisfaction 2011-2015

RN Employer Satisfaction 2011-2015                                                 PN Employer Satisfaction 2011-2015

RN Job Placement Rates 2011-2015                                                   PN Job Placement Rates 2011-2015

Dakota Nursing Program Graduate Snapshot-2015 Graduate Survey