210915-LRSC-FallShoot-0774 Lake Region State College (LRSC) announces the addition of an industry partner to its nursing apprenticeship program. Sanford Health will offer nurse apprenticeships as a career advancement opportunity for its employees.

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Nurses Still Lead Honesty and Ethics List!

For the 20th straight year, nurses lead Gallup’s annual ranking of professions for having high honesty and ethics, eclipsing medical doctors in second place by 14 points — 81% vs. 67%. Grade-school teachers (64%), pharmacists (63%) and military officers (61%) round out the top five most revered professions in this year’s list, with more than six in 10 Americans viewing each as highly ethical.

Only two other professions rated in the new poll are considered exemplary for their honesty and ethics by at least half the public: police officers (53%) and day care providers (50%). The ethics of the remaining 15 professions receive high ratings from no more than 38% and as few as 5% of Americans.

COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses
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Questions about COVID-19 vaccines? We’ve put the answers in one place.

Looking for guidance on how to talk to patients? We’ve rounded up culturally sensitive conversation advice.

The American Nurses Association, together with leading nursing and healthcare organizations, launched this site as a nurse’s hub for critical, current, and credible COVID-19 vaccine information. We hope it is both helpful to you and helps you educate patients and members of the communities you serve.

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